by admin on September 30th, 2010

Description of the subject: Our society and most of all of the people who live in it are constantly experiencing situations that make them anxious. Anxiety is so ubiquitous and has become such an integral part of our human experience that it is hard to even recognize the degree to which it has infiltrated our lives. And so much of this is concerned with trying to avoid anxiety. Going for a drink after work or even during the workday becomes a necessity, a means of recreation, and a prescription for numbing ourselves so that we may bear the experience of anxiety that we feel. How has this all come about? is there a way for us to learn about anxiety and how to handle it in a more creative way, a way that allows us to grow and develop? This is the subject of this. It is important for us at the beginning to look at the signs and symptoms of anxiety. The medical dictionary defines it as quote an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often mark by physiological signs such as sweating tension and increased pulse in which a person doubts the reality and nature of the threat and as self-doubt about their capacity to cope with it. This definition seems to cover a lot of ground, but what does it mean to each of us individually?