Dr. Russell Schreiber

Dr. Russell Screiber, Clinical PsychologistEach one of us in our lives has times when we need the support and understanding of another. These times include when we experience depression, anxiety, fear, loss, relationship conflicts, or life transitions to name just a few. My work is to help you develop the capacities and strength to be able to live as fully as possible and manage the different situations in your life. I find that in order for therapy to be really useful what is learned in session must be generalizable, that is, applicable and usable by you in your daily life.

To achieve this I utilize many modalities in working with you. These include depth psychology which looks at the patterns that you have developed in your life due to the environment you have come from, including your family of origin, your close relationship history, your job and situations forming your unique psychological environment. In addition, I utilize analytic-somatic psychotherapy. If needed, somatic (body) psychotherapy involves working with the body to unlock the different places where a person’s emotions or thoughts have been frozen in the body, and I show you how to release these blockages. Of course, I also use cognitive behavioral therapy and other modalities as needed.

In order to work in any psychological modality, it requires that I first understand as nearly as possible the blockage or difficulty as it is actually experienced by you, without judgment or interpretation, until I really understand you. The ability to fully enter into the situation of another person is the cornerstone of my work. It is necessary to build a relationship with another person to understand them thoroughly, and in this process, each person helps me to guide them in the unfolding of their potential, the unfolding of their uniqueness.

In my practice, I also use other psychotherapeutic modalities, including insight-oriented approaches. My approach depends on the individual and their preferences and needs, but typically I practice a personal synthesis of psychodynamic, somatic and insight-oriented therapy. I examine your past if needed in order to understand how these past experiences impact your thoughts, feelings, somatic dysfunction, and behaviors in the present. Clients may guide the therapy into examining and analyzing past trauma and experiences, but the focus remains on understanding and altering the impact that negative thinking and emotional and physical patterns have on how people feel and behave in the present. Then the work is on teaching people skills that allow them to substitute and learn positive ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

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